Donors fix churche’s boiler

St. Luke’s Church, 1722 Adam Street, received help from the not-for-profit Oil Heat Cares, and other local businesses and organizations to replace the heating system. Photo by Victor Chu

St. Luke’s Church received a special gift this past winter, when numerous local organizations joined together to provide the parsonage with heat.

Located at 1722 Adam Street, the building constructed in 1896 has been without heat for the past year and unable to afford to purchase a new boiler.

The church is comprised of a small congregation of around ten members, who have been struggling to restore the locations’ former glory.

Within the past year the church was subject to vandalism. A fire caused further damage to their beloved institution. Replacing broken windows, doors, three ceilings and patching multiple holes took the bulk of the money set aside for the boiler.

Services continued on days when the weather seemed bearable, with the group meeting in the basement, using electric heaters, to offset the cold.

According to Bob Beider, owner of Westchester Square Plumbing Supplies, located 2255 Westchester Square, Evelyn Bartmann, president, treasurer and secretary of the St. Luke’s group, came into his store looking for an estimate on a new heating system.

“St. Luke’s came to us looking for a new boiler but when we priced it, it was way beyond their range, so I referred them to Oil Heat Cares. They do a phenomenal job in helping organizations and people,” said Beider. “We were happy t to supply them with what they needed.”

OHC is a not-for-profit organization through the National Association of Oil Heating Service Managers that specializes in helping out needy organizations and businesses with replacement of their oil heat equipment.

“We help those who are currently in crisis get back on their feet,” said Judy Garber, NAOHSM’s executive administrator. “This project was perfect for us and I am glad Oil Heat Cares was able to help.”

OHC reached out and acquired a donated oil fired boiler from Advanced Hydronics, and materials for installation from Westchester Square Plumbing Supply and Blackman Supplies in Queens. The new heating system was installed at no cost to St. Luke’s Church.

According to Bartmann, the group’s income comes from renting out the first floor parsonage. This money will be used to replace three radiators so heat can reach the second floor. “We are so very grateful OHC came in an donated the parts and labor so now we can get some work done in there and get it in good condition to rent out,” said Bartmann. “Repairs still have to be made, and we are trying to get more help.”

Until the church on the second floor is be repaired, the group will continue to repair the parsonage and services may resume on a regular basis thanks to the heating system from OHC.

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