Donated art is in the cards

Butterfly Girl, an original art piece by Carol Eisenberg, one of the 12 pieces making up a boxed set of blank cards.

When Jacobi Medical Center needs new equipment or when the parents of a stillborn baby cannot afford burial expenses, the Jacobi Auxiliary has been there with funding, and now, through a new initiative, the volunteer organization is looking to expand its outreach into the community. 

The Jacobi Auxiliary, a 501c3 non-profit organizations, has recently kick started The Art of Caring Notecards, a boxed set of 12 blank cars and envelopes featuring original donated artwork from Carol Eisenberg to be given as gifts.

The proceeds from the sales of the cards will go toward the organization’s mission to help others in need, such as when clothing is needed by burn victims recovering from a fire or when a desperate family member needs travel funds to be at the side of a critically injured loved one. 

“This all stemmed from a larger initiative at the hospital,” said Hannah Nelson, associate executive director of external affairs at Jacobi, noting the placement of various forms of artwork throughout the new emergency building. 

The artwork, funded by the Auxiliary, provides soothing comfort to patients and those waiting for a loved one, but also provides funding for the Auxiliary from various businesses, community organizations and local leaders. 

“Most private hospitals have a very long history of receiving funding through philanthropy – this wing is dedicated to that person and so on,” noted Nelson, “but in the public sector, this is not the tradition.”

The art initiative was created to encourage sponsorship of the artwork through donations to the Auxiliary, providing more than what the volunteer group paid for the artwork in order to help its humanitarian mission. 

Already, local groups, including the Morris Park Kiwanis; individuals, such as Elias Karmon; businesses, including the Hutchinson Metro Center; various health care facilities, including Regis Care Center and Visiting Nurse Services and Jacobi staff, including Dr. Arthur Adamo and Dr. Rick Garvey have donated funds to sponsor various artwork throughout the hospital.  Those names, along with a list of other charitable contributors, can be seen on plaques under each art piece throughout the facility. 

The note cards, tiny replicas of the artwork at the hospital, are an off-shoot of the larger program. 

“We wanted to get more people involved,” said Linda Loeb, director of development at Jacobi. 

Prices for the set of 12 blank cards and envelopes are $20 each for 1-5 boxes; $15 each for 6-50 boxes; $12 each for 51-100 boxes and $10 each for 100+ boxes.

“They are great for personal use, birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, employee appreciation and other gifts,” said Peggy Vega, an Auxiliary board member and the campaign’s coordinator.  “But most importantly, they are a great way to help a great hospital.”

For more information, call (718) 918-3379 or email

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