Dog walkers abuse vacant lot

While the empty lot on Bayshore Avenue was cleared in the fall of tall weeds (above), neighbors say that dog walking in the area is still making for smelly and unsanitary conditions. Photo by Patrick Rocchio

After a small parcel of land in Spencer Estate became a dumping ground for four-legged friends, a group of concerned residents are throwing around plans to make sure that the City-owned land does not detract from the otherwise serene block.

The location on Bayshore Avenue next to the Villa Anna Condominiums has been an eyesore and a smelly mess that was filled with weeds and abused by the community for several years.

After extensive investigation with help from Councilman Jimmy Vacca’s office, area residents have found that the street is really an extension of Griswold Avenue that is unused and in possession of the Department of Transportation.

While it is unclear whether the Department of Transportation would entertain such an idea, after several months of inquiries they have at least taken ownership of the property, which is a postage stamp size piece of land that could be a nice community resource if used in the proper fashion.

In October, the Sanitation Department cleared the lot of weeds.

Menichino said that in the summer, when windows are often open, the stench from dog waste coming from the vacant parcel of land next door often becomes unbearable, and that he is currently working with Councilman Vacca’s office to make sure something constructive is done with the land.

Another possible solution that Menichino is kicking around with his neighbors is turning the area into a green space that could possibly be maintained by the Parks Department.

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