Councilmember Dinowitz partners with BetaNYC to debut playground accessibility map

wheelchair-accessible park swing
New Yorkers with disabilities and their families have a new resource to find parks that meet their needs throughout the city.
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New York City Councilmember Eric Dinowitz has partnered with BetaNYC to debut a map that shows the level of playground accessibility near homes and schools throughout New York City. The map was created as a public resource for those with disabilities and their families to find playgrounds around the city that are safe and accessible for them. It features important information including wheelchair accessibility, access to comfort stations at restrooms, and the presence of inclusive play elements designed for children with sensory processing disorders.

The public resource fills an accessibility gap in the maps provided by the city Parks Department, which does not currently offer a map with filters for accessible playgrounds, according to Zhi King, civic innovation lab manager at BetaNYC.

“By creating a map that shows the level of access near their homes or schools, we can take an important step towards ensuring that all New Yorkers with children can find and enjoy public parks that meet their needs,” King said. “We can also advocate for improvements if nearby parks do not have such elements.”

Dinowitz has been focused on accessibility for people with disabilities through legislation and advocacy, and says that accessibility needs to become a priority throughout New York City. The creation of this map, he said, is a step in that direction.

“This map will allow families to find the playgrounds that meet the needs of their children,” Dinowitz said. “It also reveals that some playgrounds in our communities are still not accommodating children with disabilities. This map puts us on a path to accomplishing full accessibility.”

In order to make the map universally accessible, the initiative consulted with people with disabilities to make the map accessible for online viewing as well.

The map is currently available online at

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