Developer reveals plans to build new supportive housing in the west Bronx

The future site of supportive housing at 1978 Valentine Ave.
Photo by Jason Cohen

Camber Property Group continues to develop affordable homes in the Bronx. On Sept. 3, the company filed permits to build supportive housing in Mount Hope.

The plans call for the construction of an 11-story building at 1978 Valentine Ave. Currently, it is an empty lot adjacent to 2000 Valentine Ave., which is also part of Camber.

The proposed development will be 104 feet high, have 181 apartments and yield 333,970 square feet of residential space and 45,641 square feet for community facility space. There will also be a basement and 10 enclosed parking spots.

Camber acquired the Bronx Park portfolio in January. The purchase included eight buildings: 2111 Southern Blvd. at 800–820 E. 180th St., 1880 Valentine Ave., 2000 Valentine Ave., 1985 Webster Ave., 2100 Tiebout Ave., 355–365 E. 184th St. and 333 E. 181st St., totaling 1,275 affordable units in the Mitchell-Lama program. Camber has pledged to invest in the rehabilitation of the buildings while also maintaining their rent regulated status.

“Affordable housing and community-centric development is key to restarting the City’s economy and Bronx Park Haven at 1978 Valentine Ave. will do just that,” said Rick Gropper, principal and co-founder of Camber Property Group. “Bronx Park Haven is a model for the future in that we are using excess land associated with existing Mitchell Lama housing to create a brand new, 100 percent affordable building.”

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