Crowley receives oncology award

For his continued commitment to cancer research and care, US Oncology awarded Congressman Joseph Crowley the ‘US Oncology Cancer Care Leadership Award.’

On Friday, November 7, US Oncology held their national Pharmacy & Therapeutics committee meeting in Tysons Corner, VA. The committee, composed of physician representatives from every practice in the US Oncology network, presented Crowley with the honor.

“I am honored to receive this award, and I want to thank the caregivers of US Oncology for everything they do for the thousands of New Yorkers who suffer from cancer,” noted Crowley. “I am proud to stand with the medical community and I will continue to support cancer care here, at home, and across the nation, while we all work together to find a cure.”

Each year the award is given to policymakers who show significant contributions and efforts towards the war on cancer that continues to be a dominating plague on society.

“Congressman Joseph Crowley has long been a strong advocate for community cancer care,” said Matt Brow, vice president of government relations and public policy of US Oncology. “His support and leadership, including that on the House Ways and Means Committee, have been vital to the tremendous strides we have realized in ensuring that cancer patients in New York and nationwide have access to high-quality community-based care.”

Included in Crowley’s long history of contributions towards this cause is his Oncology Care Quality Improvement Act (H.R. 6725).

This is a three year pilot program will help the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to improve quality of care and outcomes for Medicare beneficiaries and should create better efficiencies in the Medicare program.

The program was also created to be budget neutral, putting little financial burden on the already strained Medicare budget.

“We are delighted to present him with out Cancer Care Leadership Award, which recognized Congressman Crowley as a true leader in America’s War on Cancer,” noted Brow. “The efforts of award recipients on behalf of community-based cancer care make a real difference in the lives of all patients with cancer.”

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