Country Club Civic Association forms youth council

Country Club Civic Association forms youth council
Photo courtesy of the Country Club Civic Association

The Country Club Civic Association is bringing in its young people to strengthen its organization even more.

A CCCA Youth Leadership Council was formed recently, stated its president, Michael McNerney.

The organization is thinking outside of the box when it comes to worthwhile projects that it can formulate and put into action, he stated, and this is part of it.

Among the first projects the Youth Leadership Council will tackle will be a community graffiti cleanup that the organization has planned for Saturday, June 25, said the council’s co-coordinators Julie Caserta and Courtney Cocucci.

McNerney said that he expects the youth to be tremendous asset during the cleanup and other similar upcoming events.

The association president stated that he expects the more senior membership to learn a lot from the young people, and expects the young people to learn a lot from them.

“Through our tutelage we will help better prepare the future leadership of both our association and our community,” stated McNerney. “These bright young individuals will be able to share with us local youth views and trends; they will also be able to share with the local youth our message on how to maintain and further improve their own community.”

Cocucci, 17, said that she believes it is important for young people to be involved in their community because eventually they are going to be the long-established community members and that they could learn from their elders as to what works and does not work in their neighborhood.

She said that it is exciting to see that young people care about the community.

“I was at the right place at the right time, and I started to enjoy the meetings,” said Cocucci of her involvement.

The youth organization attracted high school-aged teens because many need service hours to complete their academic programs, she said.

Before the creation of the Youth Leadership Council, Caserta said wanted to get involved in her community but did not see an outlet to do so.

After her mother and a neighbor advised her to attend a CCCA meeting, and she asked what she could do, the formation of the council for youth took shape with Cocucci, she said.

“I am really passionate about helping people and I seek leadership opportunities because I feel that I am good communicating with other people and organizing projects,” said Caserta. “For me to have this opportunity to get involved in my neighborhood is just amazing.”

Teenagers who are interested in learning more about the Youth Leadership Council, or who are interested in becoming members, can attend CCCA meetings, typically held the second Wednesday of the month at Villa Maria Academy’s cafeteria.

“We are documenting service hours, and can provide a letter to their current schools, or colleges they are applying to, regarding their volunteer service in the community,” stated McNerney.

The CCCA president indicated that he would give the youth some latitude in developing their own agenda.

“We are allotting them the opportunity to be creative thinkers who set much of their own agenda,” he stated.

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