Councilman Vacca dedicates new van to Bronx Jewish Community Council

Deputy Borough President Auriela Green, Councilman Vacca, Walter Sobel, Arlene Salman, and Bronx Jewish Community Council vice president Brad Silver cut the ribbon on the new senior van on Friday, March 2 at the Sue Ginsburg Senior Center located at 975 Waring Avenue.
Photo by Kirsten Sanchez

Seniors will have fewer problems getting where they need to go, thanks to the joint efforts of the staff of Bronx Jewish Community Council and Councilman Jimmy Vacca.

The Jewish Community Council and Vacca unveiled a new senior transportation van on Friday, March 2, at the Sue Ginsburg Senior Center, during a morning ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The van, which will replace an 11-year-old vehicle, will provide a number of transportation services for local seniors. The Bronx Jewish Community Council provides trips for nearly 100 seniors to appointments, shopping areas, senior centers and other neighborhood activities.

The purchase came via $48,000 in City Council funding sought by Vacca.

The new senior van was specially equipped with features, such as extra grab bars to get on and off.

“It is a major priority of mine to assist the seniors and the senior programs of my district,” Vacca said. “Many seniors no longer drive or do not own cars, so it becomes difficult for them to travel to supermarkets or doctors’ appointments. Providing a new van for the Bronx Jewish Community Council allows for easier transportation among seniors.”

The Bronx Jewish Community Council vice president, Brad Silver, said the van will help seniors who can not get around on their own from feeling isolated and being unable to do things.

“The service of the senior transportation program is extremely valuable to our clients,” Silver said. “It helps to address the issue of social isolation among seniors by offering transportation to local shops, community centers and other activities. This would not be possible without the help of Councilman Vacca.”

Deputy Bronx Borough President Aureila Greene said as a senior citizen herself she is excited at the many services offered to seniors to keep them active.

“We are so supportive of this center and all of our other senior centers throughout the borough because this keeps you alive; it keeps you going; it keeps you having a will to live,” Greene said. “I had a chance to visit your library and few other places here at the center and that is so essential for us when we get into our elder years. I must tell you, I am a senior citizen and I am very proud of being a senior citizen and I don’t intend to stop moving and working until I absolutely have to.”

Walter Sobel, a Sue Ginsberg Senior Center senior who uses the van service, let the council know how much he appreciates the new ride.

“When I was growing up, they asked me a question: What walks on one foot in the morning, two feet in the afternoon, and three feet in the evening?” Sobel said. “And the answer, of course, is a human being. A baby crawls on one foot at a time. When he’s mature he uses two feet, and when he ages like I am he uses three feet, with a cane. That is why it is important for me and other people like me to use this van. This bus transports us to doctors. This bus takes us to the pool. This bus takes us over to City Island. This is an excellent donation.”

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