Community Board Budget Requests for Executive Budget Fiscal Year 2016

Community Board 7’s top capital request is for converting the historic Old Fordham Library into a mixed use community center.
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Last week’s edition covered Community Board 10 and 11’s top capital and expense budget requests in the city budget, so this week we take a closer look at the rest of the borough’s community boards.

CB 1 asked the Department of Education to fund a STEM-Business K-12 school’s construction at P.S. 31’s former site. DOE recognizes this and revealed the location will be based on site and funding availability.

Their expense budget priority for increased youth development, delinquency, and after school programs funding from the Department of Youth & Community Development was considered as YDDP is an important source for this agency which is allocated by the state.

CB 2’s capital budget priority for installing LED street lights throughout its district and intersections is being reviewed by the borough commissioner’s office.

Their request for Traffic Control Agents at intersections like Southern Boulevard and E. 163rd Street will be accommodated using existing police resources.

CB 3’s reconstruction of Southern Boulevard from Jennings Street to E. 174th Street is funded by NYC DEP per the FY 2010 Borough Consultation hearings.

The Office of Management and Budget was asked to increase community boards’ expense budgets to $350,000. Budgets will increase to $229,895 in FY 2016.

CB 4’s capital request is E. 153rd Street Bridge’s construction which DOT has requested funding.

In asking for more 44th Precinct and PSA #7 police officers, the NYPD told CB 4 that its total uniformed staffing levels depend on decisions made in the Preliminary and Executive Budget process and allocation of such personnel is scheduled by them following police class graduation from the Police Academy.

CB 5 requested constructing a new 46th Precinct, however NYPD funding constraints, project capacity, and Department priorities excluded it at this time.

The board sought extra funding for youth programs like Fair Share Delinquency Prevention. DYCD has increased funding in this service area.

CB 6’s request for building more schools to reduce student overcrowding will be based upon on site and funding availability according to DOE.

Their expense priority for hiring more police personnel was met with a similar answer to CB 4’s request, adding available future funding for civilian personnel is dependent on decisions made in the PEB process.

CB 7 asked the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to fund a mixed use community center at Old Fordham Library. DHMH has since relinquished this location to the Department of Citywide Administrative Services and CB 7 was asked to contact DCAS about the building.

The board asked DYCD to increase funding for year-round and summer jobs for the youth, however expansion depends on available state and federal funding.

CB 8’s request in renovating area public schools was declined by DOE, but restoring Riverdale Branch Library’s interior has been considered. NYPL supports it, but city funded financial support is necessary for the project.

They asked the Department for the Aging to fund geriatric mental health services for healthy independent living. DFTA funds many contracts providing these services and will continue advocating for funding aging services.

CB 9 asked Department of Parks and Recreation to fund a study to construct and finance a recreational facility in El Parque de los Ninos for Bronx River and Soundview constituents’ needs. The agency explained further study is required.

The board requested DYCD fund more Beacon schools, but were informed to register with DYCD to learn when solicitations for services are released.

This same agency also informed CB 12 to register with DYCD for their request in funding a YMCA operated youth center at 1250 E. 229th Street.

CB 12 seeks to keep all additional police officers assigned to the 47th last summer, but this will depend upon decisions made in the PEB process.

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