Community Board 10 votes no to fence in Veteran’s Memorial Park

The Throggs Neck Girls Softball League won’t be hitting any over the fence.

After a public hearing, Community Board 10’s Parks and Recreation Committee ruled against the team’s request for a fence around a baseball diamond in Veteran’s Memorial Park.

Board 10 district manager Kenneth Kearns said the fence was an idea the team came up with to try to combat numerous acts of vandalism the park has been experiencing.

“There has constantly been problems in the park,” Kearns said. “The utility room has been destroyed, the storage lockers, and the field has been ripped up. The whole park is like that no matter what the city does, there is just a group of people dedicated to destroying it.”

To protect the field, the team came up with the idea to enclose the diamond.

But Kearns said many people in the community didn’t like the idea of separating the field from the rest of the park.

“It seemed to us that after hearing what people had to say, a lot of groups didn’t like the idea of closing off the field,” Kearns said.

Although a fence will not be put up around the field, Kearns said the board is looking into asking for stepped up police patrols in the area and repositioning surveillance cameras.

“It is something we are going to take a closer look at,” he said. “There are other things that can be done.”

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