Come support the Bronx Farmers Market at Preston

The New Roots Community Farm will celebrate their 10 year anniversary with a harvest fair.
Photo courtesy Getty Images

The Bronx Farmers Market has been a huge hit with our local community. For the last couple of weeks, there has been an overwhelming amount of support for the farmers market.

Our youngest vendor, Chase, was recently featured in a News 12 segment with his popular lemonade. At the market, his lemonade sold out quickly and has steadily been a hit among those who frequent the market. He sells with his mother Rebecca of Rebecca’s Sweets & Spices. She specializes in Puerto Rican desserts, such as flan de queso and chocolate tres leches. Rebecca says that while she did not expect this, she is incredibly proud of her son. She enjoys selling her products with her son and is hopeful it will continue.

Chase’s products were not the only thing that was selling out quickly, however. Erika from Al Horno With Love sold out all of her yummy treats by the end of the night. 

Customers at the farmers market agree that there’s something for everyone here. Kate, a mother of two, first came to the farmers market when she came to pick up her kids from the Preston summer camp. Since then, she has come back to support our vendors. According to her, she has come back because she “loved to see local produce.” Other customers are on the same page — one person commented that he liked that the products were fresh and homemade, noting that it was better than the food at supermarkets. And it’s true, as supermarkets do not have the fresh foods that are present at the farmers market. While supermarkets get their food from thousands of miles away, our vendors are all local to the area. Another chimed in that she came to support and celebrate small businesses. Whatever the reason may be, all of our customers affirmed that they would be back.

On Aug. 9, we are having our Annual Back to School Giveaway. We will be giving out free school supplies with our vendors coming back. We hope to see you back at Preston High School at 2780 Schurz Ave., from 4-7 p.m. on Tuesdays.