Column: A new transit future Is coming to the East Bronx

City Council Member Amanda Farías at a recent city planning session.
Photo courtesy Courtney Curd

We are moving into a new year — literally! The East Bronx has some much-needed and very exciting transit infrastructure upgrades coming our way. From four new Metro-North stations, to reimagining the Cross Bronx and ADA compliance upgrades in Parkchester Train Station — our community has a better transit future ahead of us.

While we all face commuting hurdles like lack of parking, congestion, accessibility or a need for a connected cycling network, these upcoming projects can begin to enhance our commutes with solutions. To ensure these upcoming projects succeed in serving our community’s needs — I’m calling on my neighbors to engage deeply. Without our community’s involvement and feedback, projects like The Bronx Metro-North Redevelopment Plan will not reflect the type of safety, lighting, housing commitments and others we need for the possibilities to be a reality. While we have the opportunity to significantly decrease our commute times, build more community and green spaces and have new housing opportunities, it needs to be by us and for us.

That is why I made it a priority for my office to host a virtual info session and the first in-person public workshop regarding the Department of City Planning’s Bronx Metro-North application in October at P.S 106, where we had more than 200 people in attendance. At this workshop, I heard important feedback regarding public safety concerns, the need for parking, concerns on density, height and affordability of new housing, the Metro-North fares and so much more. But if you were not able to make it – we are still seeking your feedback online at

As we continue to plan, the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) is collecting community input to formally ‘Reimagine the Cross Bronx.’ This is a collective effort with communities to re-envision the Cross Bronx Expressway from the Westchester Creek to the Harlem River, to help reconnect communities that have faced the brunt of its negative effects for decades. Right now DOT is collecting feedback from those of us who live, work and travel along the Cross Bronx. I urge you to provide your feedback here at before Nov. 14.

These projects have the potential to be transformational for us, as their implementation will happen while we still live here. This is what makes our participation, feedback and accountability of the city critical. As your local council member, your neighbor and someone who was raised by this community — I hope to see you share the links to the Bronx Metro-North Area Study Survey and the Cross Bronx Expressway Survey with friends, neighbors and online, and complete them yourself. With that, here’s to a better and more equitable future for all!

Additionally for anyone in the Soundview area or who frequents Soundview Park, make sure to provide your input on the new recreation center coming to our community at before Nov. 17.

Please always feel free to reach out to my office if you have any additional questions.

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