Columbus puts up a fight

Amongst a good sized crowd on a hot, humid September afternoon, Christopher Columbus hosted Brooklyn Tech. The two teams duked it out for the whole first half. There was only one TD, which occurred in the second quarter by Brooklyn’s Cory Frederick. Both teams went into halftime pumped up and ready for a win.

The third quarter began with a TD for Columbus by Serigne Dieye. The score remained tied at 6 throughout the rest of the regulation game. Overtime was now inevitable. Both teams were evenly matched and hungry for the win.

Overtime began and at first both team’s played such tremendous defense that no one was getting near either end zone. About five minutes into OT, Frederick got the ball and ran. He scored a TD and Brooklyn would win the battle 12-6. As Brooklyn celebrated their win, Columbus’ temper flared. They had played with all their heart and still lost in the end.

The coach spoke to his team and commended them for the excellent defense and the fight that they put up. He told them not to let their emotions get the better of them and to use that energy on the field for their next game. “We have to get it together for next week,” said Columbus coach David Diaz, “We have to be mentally and physically ready to go out and win.” As long as Columbus continues to play with heart and desire they will ultimately win games.

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