Cocktails and Dog Tails Charity Fundraiser

(l-r) Pedro Vazquez, Eduardo Resto with his daughter Kayleen, Bailey Provetto, Evelyn Torres and Iris Torres brought their pets to last Saturday’s charity fundraiser.
Photo by Miriam Quin

Presented by Bronx Foxy Pet, Eddies’s Wheels and Ice House Cafe, this past Saturday, November 21’s ‘Cocktails and Dog Tails Charity Fundraiser’ was held at the Stepping Stone Yacht Club to aid pets in need. Guests brought their pets to help Bronx Foxy Pets raise money for pets with disabilities and owners whose dogs lost use of their front or rear legs. Cart and wheel chairs were provided courtesy of Eddie’s Wheels for pets needing assistance.

BeBe was dressed for the occassion at last Saturday’s fundraiser.
Photo by Miriam Quin

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