City Island resident wants answers for racist note left at her front door

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The racist note left at the building door
Photos courtesy of Facebook

It has been nearly four months since racist notes were left at the door of an apartment building in City Island directed towards one resident. Yet still no one has been arrested.

In the summer, “Black lazy monkeys. A fat lazy slob lives here” was taped to the front of an apartment building adjacent to the Black Whale, 279 City Island Ave.

Kayisha Thompson, 40, who is one of two Black people in the building, felt they were addressed to her as she is on the heavy side. Thompson spoke with the building manager and the police, but has not heard a word from anyone since August.

Thompson is upset and told the Bronx Times she moved to City Island from Brooklyn four years ago because she thought it was a nice area.

“I’m really disappointed that no one has gotten back to me,” she said.

Thompson recalled that she was in her apartment when she heard a knock at the door. It was her neighbor, Evelyn, who showed her the racist notes.


Since the apartments are above the restaurant, there are video cameras outside. Knowing this, she called the housing manager and police asking for her help.

She recalled how the building manager didn’t seem to want to hand over the video to the cops and claimed she had to check with the landlord as it fed into other site on City Island.

Thompson filed a police report, but feels unsafe and is ready to move.

“I just feel like I’m falling on deaf ears,” she said. “If I was a white woman would they have moved on this?”

According to Thompson, she has been mistreated by management the past few years. There have been roaches and mice in her apartment and they blamed her. In fact, she feels they put the racist notes on the door hoping she leaves.

She has contacted the mayor’s office and the New York State Division of Housing Rights in hopes of getting help.

A  NYPD spokesman told the Bronx Times the investigation is still ongoing.