City budget reveals improvements for Rodman’s Neck

Lead level concerns at Rodman’s Neck pistol range
Budget reveals improvements for Rodman’s Neck
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Mayor Bill de Blasio released his executive budget a little over a week ago and it showed that for once, Rodman’s Neck was not forgotten.

According to the budget, the reconstruction and soundproofing of Rodman’s Neck, remains funded. The following will be funded as per the mayor’s budget:

  • bathroom trailers (already funded, estimated completion 2022)
  • burn and administrative trailers (funded last year and this year, completion 2022)
  • modular trailers and classroom renovation (already funded, completion 2022)
  • new firearms training facility ($1.2 million this year, $16.3 million next year, $224 million in 2023 and completion 2025)
  • renovated bomb squad building, (funding next year, $1.7 million from city, completion 2022).

City Island Rising President John Doyle said he is glad after many years it seems the administration is keeping its word to improving Rodman’s Neck. On Feb. 26, the 45th Precinct Community Council Rodman’s Neck Monitoring Committee held a meeting where NYPD representatives announced plans to have temporary baffling in place by the end of 2021 and in the next five to eight years construct a permanent indoor shooting range.

“There’s an importance of everyday citizens paying close attention to this,” Doyle stressed. “We are in a much better position than we have ever been in 13 years.” In 2007 they were told the shooting range was moving to Queens, but those plans fell through.

Doyle told the Bronx Times that after five three generations of administrations brushing them off, he hopes these inclusions in the budget are a sign of good things to come.

He stressed that this is not the final budget and cuts are coming. But hopefully, these allocations for Rodman’s Neck remain.

“Personally I’m pleased that Rodman’s Neck is moving along as planned,” he said. “The proof will be in the temporary baffling.”

While he was disappointed he did not see any money earmarked for resiliency, he understands right now priority is health and nothing is final yet.

Here are other highlights in the mayor’s proposal that relate to City Island:

  • The Shore Road and Hutchinson River bridges are slated for $1.4 million in funds this year with reconstruction to be completed by 2026.
  • The Pelham Bay Skate Park, which is due to be named after an Islander with funds provided by Councilman Mark Gjonaj, is slated for $2.7 million next year and to be completed by 2023.

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