Circa ‘95 opens pop up shop

Music. Art. Culture.

According to Circa ‘95, a hip hop recording group, “It’s not just music, its a lifestyle.”

Circa ‘95, a group formed in 2001, is the first of what is hoped to be many artists that have taken over the “pop up shop” housed in WHEDco’s Bronx Music Heritage Center.

The center is a 1,500 square foot storefront and forum to share music located at 1303 Louis Nine Boulevard.

The “pop up shop” was created to allow different artists, sculptors, clothing designers and musicians to showcase their talents and promote the Bronx Music Heritage Center’s permanent site to be constructed in Melrose in 2015.

The pop up shop will host different artists every couple of months, and will also feature artist workshops, mixers, and talks by artists.

The shop opened on Friday, April 13 and Circa ‘95 will occupy the space until July 28.

“When we were given the opportunity to curate the space, we thought of it as an opportunity to promote the artistic community we come from,” Rephstar, artist from Circa ‘95, said.

“On one side of the space we have decided to feature up and coming artists ranging from clothing designers to sculptors to jewelry artists. And on the other side, we have a performance space where artists can perform or come and give talks.”

Circa ‘95 Artist Patty Dukes said she and Rephstar will be switching up the featured artists regularly throughout their four-month stay in the space.

“We are trying to promote local artists and a sort of do it yourself community,” she said. “Its different because a lot of the pieces on sale here and on display will be one of a kind that the artist make themselves.”

According to the two members of the group one of the goals of their space is to provide an artist-type culture, like those in other boroughs.

“We really wanted to create something over here where people from other art communities, like in Manhattan or Brooklyn, can come to and experience the Bronx,” Rephstar said.

The shop will be open on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from noon to 6 p.m. Merchandise from the artists will be available for sale.

Upcoming events include Say what? Open art series on May 4, where artists of all ages are encouraged to head over to the shop to share their talents, and an open studio with photographer Shirley Rodriguez, where artists can make an appointment to have a portrait taken of themselves.

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