CCCA gets DOT to correct Country Club bottleneck

The right lane now allows cars to go straight ahead or turn right as cars approach Macdonough Place on Country Club Road.
Photo courtesy of Country Club Civic Association

A local community got the traffic change they had requested.

Members of the Country Club Civic Association, along with Community Board 10, convinced the NYC Department of Transportation to change the turning options on Country Club Road as it approaches MacDonough Place.

Previously, a vehicle in the right lane on the Country Club community’s main thoroughfare had to turn right.

This caused a tremendous traffis back up on Country Club Road during the morning rush when most of the traffic crosses over the Bruckner Expressway, at Jarvis Avenue, going straight towards Pelham Bay or left to access the I-95 South service road, according to the group’s leadership.

After years of advocating for this change, the DOT restudied the intersection traffic and now allows both lanes to travel over the overpass, with the right lane also offering the turn option said Michael McNerney, CCCA president.

“We are very pleased with the Department of Transportation’s decision,” said McNerney, adding “We feel that this will improve traffic flow around Country Club.”

McNerney asked the intersection be revaluated based on feedback received from members at monthly meetings, and he tasked the organization’s vice president, Arlene Grauer, with achieving the traffic remediation.

“This was a pet peeve of mine because I just knew it was dangerous and saw many accidents,” she said, adding that she was happy that DOT decided to take action.

Grauer said that several years before, the DOT was asked to study the intersection but did so during the July 4th weekend when people were away and traffic was light.

The recent change will allow traffic to flow better, Grauer believes, because during the busy periods traffic going over the overpass towards Pelham Bay can stay in the right lane, while those looking to travel south alongside I-95 can bear left to turn onto Bruckner Boulevard.

This will prevent lane changes on the overpass, which Grauer said resulted in accidents and many close calls.

“To me it was always a safety issue,” said Grauer, adding it was also about inconvenience.

The DOT has already changed the road markings, said McNerney, adding that there are still two older metal traffic signs, indicating the right lane is for right turns only, that need to be removed.

Now the public needs to be educated and notified about the change, he said.

Matt Cruz, CB 10 district manger, said that the change is an example of how the community can receive what they request, even if it did take some time.

Cruz’s predecessor, Ken Kearns, also worked on the project, said the district manager.

“The Country Club Civic Association is ecstatic and the board is pleased that CCCA got what they wanted,” said Cruz.

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