CB7 Doesn’t Want Changes to Buses

CB7 Doesn’t Want Changes to Buses|CB7 Doesn’t Want Changes to Buses|CB7 Doesn’t Want Changes to Buses
Community Board 7 discusses the propsoed bus redesign plan on Nov. 26.
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The MTA’s Bronx Bus Redesign Plan will have a major impact on Community Board 7 and residents and the board are not fans of the project.

On Tuesday, November 26, CB 7 passed a motion asking for the MTA to reexamine the changes being made to the Bx34, BxM28, BxM4 and BxM3 in the redesign plan.

Earlier in the month, a letter was presented to the Transportation Committee chair Edgar Ramos from Fordham Hill Owners Corporation Board with their concerns over the BxM3 bus change.

District manager Ischia Bravo told the Bronx Times the changes to the four bus routes affect seniors the most.

Bravo explained that many seniors live in the Tracy Towers at 40 W. Mosholu Pkwy South, and by eliminating stops after Fordham Hill; it will be a challenge for them to get to the bus.

The proposed design plans to eliminate stops on the Bx4, which affects commuters going into Manhattan.

Bravo explained that changes to the Bx34 would also hurt seniors because many of them live in the Serviam Gardens at 323 E 198th St, and take it to Montefiore Hospital.

If the stops are changed, then many who have disabilities or physical limitations, will have to walk further. Changes to the Bx28 will impact seniors as well.

“I think that is why we’re pushing for a December meeting to be an opportunity for them (residents) to ask more questions,” Bravo said. A Transportation Committee meeting was held December 5. “We’re going to make sure the rest are heard.”

The MTA released The Bronx Bus Network Redesign after analyzing extensive data from the past couple years.

Kelly King-Lewis speaks about the proposed changes in buses at the CB7 meeting on Nov. 26.
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The most recent collection of data was acquired through Metrocard registration during the months of May and June, according to MTA officials.

Additional cuts will be made to Bx4A, Bx6, Bx8, Bx11, Bx15, Bx18, Bx24, Bx26, Bx29, Bx30, Bx35, Bx36, Bx38, Bx40, Bx42, Q50 LTD, M100, M125, BxM2, BxM5 (formerly BxM11), BxM8, BxM10, BxM17, and BxM18 lines, and additional buses on the Bx13, Bx22, Bx23 and Bx41.

Throughout the meeting residents expressed their displeasure with the proposed plan.

Kelly King–Lewis questioned how the MTA came up with their stats.

“It comes down to metrics,” King–Lewis said. “[On] a lot of those routes you see people who don’t pay a fare.”

One attendee felt the senior population was being ignored with the bus changes for the BxM3.

“We have a lot of seniors that rely on that bus, ” she said. “That is their sole means of transportation.”

Sirio Guerino said there are always vehicles in bus lanes, pointing out that the Bx41 route on Webster Avenue is always blocked by school buses parked in the bus lanes between 204th and 205th.

“If [the city] spent a fortune painting those stupid lines out there and people are parking out there, what are you going to do about it?” he shouted.

Members of the MTA present the Bus Redesign plan at the CB7 meeting on Nov. 26.
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