CB10, Riverbay’s Healthy Lifestyles Challenge Walk

Co-op City will be holding the upcoming ‘Healthy Lifestyles Challenge Walk’ on its campus’ greenway.
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Just in time for the summer, an upcoming event hopes to promote healthy lifestyles and positive change for all Bronx residents.

On Saturday, June 27, Community Board 10’s Health and Human Services Committee, Riverbay Corporation, Jacobi Medical Center, and Montefiore Hospital will be sponsoring a Healthy Lifestyles Challenge Walk around the Greenway in Co-op City.

The low intensive one to two mile walk will run from 10 a.m. until noon and participants are allowed to walk at their own comfortable pace.

The purpose of the Healthy Lifestyles Challenge Walk is to promote healthy lifestyles among Bronx residents.

“This is a great opportunity for the residents of Co-op City and other communities within our board, to come out on a beautiful summer morning to enjoy the company of neighbors and friends, as we walk along the Greenway, Co-op City’s Central Park,” Martin Prince, CB 10 chairman shared.

“We extend an invitation to all of our friends and neighbors to meet us at the stage on the Greenway in Co-op City at 10 a.m. on June 27th,” he added.

According to Kenneth Kearns, CB 10 district manager, this event is part of an ongoing series of walks and other events sponsored by the Health and Human Services Committee of CB 10 and will mark the first time a Healthy Lifestyles Challenge Walk will be held at Co-op City.

“The upcoming Healthy Lifestyles Challenge Walk is going to be a great opportunity for everyone to come outside on a beautiful summer day and meet their neighbors all while promoting healthy lifestyles,” Kearns explained.

The walk is open for all ages and participants should be mindful in wearing comfortable shoes and clothing as well as bring water to help stay hydrated.

Free giveaways will also be provide during the event however only while supplies last.

Parking for will be available in Garage #6 and drivers are asked to obtain a parking receipt to bring to the Greenway Stage sign-up location for validation or otherwise have a fee charged.

This free event will take place at Co-op City’s Greenway which contains LifeTrail Advanced Wellness Systems from Playworld Systems exercise equipment for public use.

According to Michelle Sajous, Riverbay Corporation director, this equipment was installed in Co-op City’s Greenway about two years ago and sees usage from many residents, young and old alike.

The LifeTrail Advanced Wellness Systems from Playworld Systems located at Benchley Place and in Debs Place include such equipment as a stationary exercise bike, a lat pull-down machine, a pull-up bar and many other healthy lifestyle promoting technology.

“These are wonderful pieces of outside exercise equipment and we see so many people use them daily from little children to men who can bench press over 100 pounds,” she expressed.

Sajous explained she is thrilled to have Co-op City hosting this event and shared that it has been a dream of Riverbay Corporation to have more health centric events for this community.

“Prior to this walk, we have never had an event at the Greenway and we are hoping people realize there’s a scenic trail that they can walk and exercise on here,” Sajous said. “The Bronx has the top numbers in diabetes and hypertension as well as obesity and we want to do something to change that.”

To register for the Healthy Lifestyles Challenge Walk, contact CB 10 at (718) 892-1161 or email bx10@cb.nyc.gov.

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