CB 2 excited for affordable housing & youth center coming to Foxhurst

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A new, to-be-constructed affordable housing development has Community Board 2 members excited for what it will likely be bringing to the south Bronx.

Although technically the as-of-right project is addressed for 1175 Tiffany Street, the building is currently donned as the ‘Fox Street development’ and it will consist of 92 affordable units, one fifth of which will be three bed residences.

There will also be thiry supportive housing units, 18 units priced at 30 percent of area median income,17 for 50 percent, 16 for 70 percent, and 10 for 80 percent, according to developers, Radson Development.

Though, there is a specific component which has community members especially excited for this housing project – a ground floor community center.

That center will include after school programs run by community oriented organizations, services for formerly homeless residents and last, but certainly not least, a boxing gym which continues a south Bronx legacy.

The Fox Street development will be constructed on the former grounds of the Fort Apache youth center and boxing gym, which served as a safe haven for the Bronx’s adolescents during the borough’s turbulent, “burning” years of the 1970s and 1980s.

While on a CB 2 housing and land use meeting on Tuesday night, City councilman Rafael Salamanca, Jr. said he was “extremely excited and happy” to see a community center return to the Foxhurst area, also expressing his support for the upcoming project as well.

Other community board members expressed their overwhelming support for the affordable housing as well, one already asking about creating an NYPD league for the future boxing gym.

During that meeting, Radson also requested an unneeded letter of support from the community board as an effort to be “good neighbors” in the south Bronx.

After a motion, that letter plans on being forwarded to committee and then full community board 2 meeting on by the end of January.

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