CB 11 sends post office representatives a clear message

CB 11 sends post office representatives a clear message
Community News Group/ Alex Mitchell

If you thought Newman from Seinfeld is the worst mailman in New York City, think again.

Community Board 11 members and residents alike have had miserable experiences with their local post offices with both delivery and station visits.

They aired grievances to representatives from the United States Postal Service during CB 11’s general board meeting on Thursday, February 26.

“It’s been like this for years,” said Edith Blitzer, president of the Pelham Parkway Neighborhood Association. “We’ve been having trouble for sometime,” she added.

The two primary complaints that Blizter and her residents had with 10462 were: substitute mail carriers having delivery mix-ups and packages not being delivered.

“They always leave a note but don’t deliver the package,” said Blitzer. “Our regular people do a fine job, it’s the substitutes we have issues with,” she added.

“Service with the substitutes is like flipping a coin, sometimes residents don’t get mail at all,” said Tony Vitaliano, chairman of CB 11. “We have no complaints with our regulars, it’s all the substitutes,” he added.

The 10461 Morris Park post office on Williamsbridge Road, is also very clunky in the mornings. “I hate going in at 9, they have only one person available to address all issues, it takes way too long,” Vitaliano added.

Other parts of Community Board 11 and the borough have seen problems worse than that with substitute carriers.

Residents say they don’t get mail in bad weather, when substitutes are working.

CB 11’s Public Safety Committee chairman Yahay Obeid told representatives a story in which his wife was locked inside her house, was asking her mailman for help, but was ignored because the carrier had headphones in his ears.

He called for substitute carriers to have more situational awareness while en route.

Another issue within the post office is mailbox fishing.

It’s been reported that glue and other adhesive-like substances are used to steal mail from the mail boxes.

The thieves main goal is to hook a bill-paying piece of mail containing a check. The checks are removed, and the addressee’s name changed.

Postal representatives announced at the meeting that they are working with the 47th and 49th precincts to prevent mailbox fishing as well.

Representatives were sympathetic to the residents’ gripes and concerns about service.

“They were earnest and courteous, they see where we are coming from, I truly believe they’re going to resolve these issues we’ve been having,” said Blitzer.

Vitaliano also wants to see the service improve and not have any issues with postal workers.

“I want to see this issue become resolved,” said Vitaliano.

CB 11 encompasses several zip codes: 10461, 10462, 10467 and 10469.