CB 10 votes to honor PB cheese man

At the Community Board 10 general meeting on Thursday, June 18, the board unanimously voted to honor a Pelham Bay merchant who recently passed away for his dedication to the community where he made his living.

CB 10 voted to rename the northwest intersection of Roberts and Crosby avenues in memory of Charles Carroccetto, who ran an Italian deli and ricotta cheese shop near the corner for more than 30 years.

The vote honors Carroccetto’s exemplary service to the community and dedication to the residents of Pelham Bay. Pending city council approval, a street overlay will be installed at the location where his family business once stood.

“Naming a street after somebody is not something that happens very often, but in Charlie’s case I think it is deserved.” Councilman Jimmy Vacca said. “He was an icon in the Pelham Bay area. His name is synonymous with integrity and commitment to his community.”

Vacca recalled that Carrocetto, who lived in Throggs Neck and recently passed away at the age of 91, was a member of Community Board 10 in the 1980s, and gave freely of his time to St. Benedict’ s Church and the Boys and Girls Club of New York.

“He really gave of himself and it is a very fitting tribute,” Vacca stated. “He was a man who never asked anything for himself but always gave to other people. He always came to help on behalf of other people’s problems in the neighborhood. He and his family had real roots here, and so many people know them as friends.”

Anita Valenti, of the Pelham Bay Merchants and Community Association, recalled that Carrocetto provided jobs for neighborhood teenagers at his store, and was well-liked in the community.

“Charles Carrocetto was a prince,” Valenti said. “He helped so many people in the neighborhood, and was there whenever you would need him. “He gave jobs to young people in his store; he gave my son Joe his first job in the deli when he was fourteen years old.”

Valenti also recalled that Carrocetto was a committed family man who was a “soul mate” to his wife.

“I asked Community Board 10 to look into this, and I am glad they have voted on it,” Councilman Vacca said. “I have known Carrocetto for over 30 years and feel that this is a fitting tribute.”

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