Calvary Hospital honors top nurse

Calvary Hospital Patient Service manager, Luz Hernandez, MS, APRN, BC, NP, pictured in a recent photo.

On Tuesday, June 5, members of the Calvary Hospital medical and nursing team were on hand at the 2008 Nursing Spectrum Nurse Excellence Awards to cheer on their colleague, Luz Hernandez, MS, APRN, BC, NP. Hernandez was one of six NY/NJ Region finalists in the category of Advancing and Leading the Profession.

For nearly four decades, Hernandez has been a devoted employee at Calvary.  She is currently a Patient Service manager, where she is responsible for a health care team of more than 70 nurses and cancer care technicians (CCT).. Hernandez serves as manager for OPD/Ambulatory Care Department and as a nurse practitioner in Calvary’s Center for Curative and Palliative Wound Care.  There, she balances managerial duties with hands on patient care.

Hernandez started her Calvary career as a CCT, a program established more than 40 years ago to help patients achieve the best possible quality of life.  Over the years, Hernandez obtained the education she needed for a nursing career and is well-regarded throughout Calvary as a role model by many of her colleagues.

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