Calvary Hospital employees strengthen bond

Calvary Hospital employees strengthen bond
Calvary Hospital employees prepare for two softball games at the Throgs Neck Little League field on Wednesday, October 1.
Photo courtesy of Calvary Hospital

The bats and gloves were out and about as Calvary Hospital teamed up with the Throgs Neck Little League for two softball games involving their employees and staff.

The softball games, which were held on Wednesday, October 1 at 150 Throgs Neck Boulevard, was organized to present Calvary Hospital employees and staff with an opportunity to join each other for a fun event in an environment other than the hospital.

The plan was originally brought to the Calvary Hospital administration by director of Materials Management Melissa Murphy, who thought it would be a great idea for all levels of staff at Calvary Hospital who don’t always have the opportunity to interact with each other to come together to strengthen the bond between themselves, while reaching out to the Throggs Neck community.

“When I approached administration with my idea, I wasn’t surprised when they told me it was a great idea and that they would do anything they could to help make this a reality,” said Murphy, who has worked at Calvary Hospital for 15 years.

“It’s that kind of support from our leadership that makes me proud to be a part of the staff at Calvary Hospital.”

After administration okayed the idea, Melissa began to put the word out to the different departments at the hospital, hoping that enough people would be interested to coordinate a game.

The turn out could not have been better, as 65 employees representing 20 departments showed up. Good thing there were two games scheduled for that evening, or else not everybody would have been able to participate.

The comradery and enthusiasm amongst the staff members was undeniable – as nurses, directors, administrators and the Mmedical director, along with members of the secretarial, engineering, environmental services, security and storeroom departments took to the field to enjoy a night filled with companionship and friendly competition.

Calvary also received help and support preparing this event from the TNLL, who provided them with the field, along with food and beverages during the game.

The Calvary Hospital staff members may have not all played on the same team, but the purpose was the same in each and every player’s mind – to improve the already unbreakable, family-like link that they have with each other.

“Calvary Hospital prides itself with providing the very best care to our patients and family members,” Melissa said. “It is because of these very employees – and the bond they have between each other – that we are able to accomplish this.”

“It was just great to see the employees take part in two softball games and have them feeling like the superstars that they really are.”

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