Calvary Hospital announces the formation of bereavement group

Calvary Hospital announces the for-mation of bereavement support group for men

Calvary Hospital announced that it will now offer a men’s bereavement group for those who: have lost their spouse or partner, parent, child or sibling; are sepa-rated or divorced; or are dealing with their own health issues. These groups will focus on handling stress and sadness, managing loneliness, rebuilding self-esteem, and dealing with relationships. There is no charge to participate. It is open to all men in the community.

“Our adult bereavement support groups are usually grouped by the rela-tionship a person has to the deceased. We are forming a group for men based on feedback we have received from those who attended our other groups,” said Dr. Sherry Schachter, director of Bereave-ment Services at Calvary. “Many men do not feel comfortable attending bereave-ment groups where emotions are usually shared. Instead, the focus of their grief tends to be more cognitive then it is ex-pressive. Our goal with this new group will be to create a safe place to help men manage their grief by problem solving rather than discussing their feelings.During meetings, we will examine ques-tions and explore answers from partici-pants own experiences.”

The group meets every other Tuesday at the hospital’s address at 1740 Eastches-ter Road. For more information, contact Dr. Sherry Schachter at (718) 518-2125 or


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