Cake classes coming to Westchester Square

Borough residents will be able to have cake wars of their own now that a Westchester Square business is offering cake decorating classes.

Caro’s Gift and Baking Supplies shop, at 2742B East Tremont Ave, will be starting basic cake decorating classes on September 20. The $50 class will be broken up in four two-hour sessions, to be held from 7 to 9 p.m. throughout the week.

Students will learn how to ice the cake and border the edges, as well as mold fondant and create flowers and figures with icing.

People who complete the beginners course will be able to take an intermediate and advanced class later in the year.

“They’re excellent classes, and when we had them before it went really well,” store owner Dominico Caro said, adding that many students form earlier classes he hosted went on to open small baking businesses after graduating from the advanced courses. “It’s a great thing for our customers and hopefully it will uplift the area.”

About 15 people will be allowed in each class. So far 16 have signed up, so Caro is expecting they will host more than one beginner’s session.

The courses have been developed by the Illinois-based decorations manufacturing company Wilton Brands Inc., and classes will be taught by two Wilton-certified teachers. The supplies for the courses can be purchased at the store.

“It’s all by their professional guidelines,” he said. “It’s very strict, but I like it because it gives you a great guide.”

Although this is the first time the Westchester Square store will be offering the classes, Caro is very familiar with the curriculum.

He used to hold the classes at his previous gift store in Throggs Neck.

Caro, along with his wife Lucy, owned the store for nearly 20 years before they retired. After three years of baby-sitting their grandchildren, Caro said he wanted to get back to the business, and he opened the Tremont Avenue store in April.

“I always had a passion for retail,” he said.

The Westchester Square facility is much smaller than the previous store, which has allowed Caro to focus on baking supplies, and on cake decorating in particular. The store sells about two dozen different cake molds and 300 tops for icing.

Based on past experience, Caro is expecting amateur decorators from all across the city to sign up for the classes.

“Of course it gives the store a boost,” he acknowledged, “but to have people come from that far away is good for everybody.”

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