Cabrera announces construction of new dog run in Devoe Park

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A rendering of the dog run at Devoe Park.
Photos courtesy of NYC Parks

Dog owners in the west Bronx will soon have a safe place to take their furry friends.

On Thursday, Councilman Fernando Cabrera announced the beginning of construction of a new dog run in Devoe Park. The lawmaker allocated $600,000 in capital funding several years ago at the request of residents and now the money is being to good use.

New York City’s dog runs were closed between April and July in 2020, but reopened during the third phase of the city’s reopening as the number of COVID-19 cases dropped last year.  But the usual restrictions will still apply.

“New York State law requires that dogs be vaccinated against rabies and the New York City Health Code requires dog owners or attendants to carry proof of dog license and vaccination when in public with the dog,” Cabrera said.

Dog owners and attendants are required to pick up their dogs’ waste and dispose of it in bags in containers provided in the park or dog run. Owners and attendants must prevent their dogs from chasing squirrels or birds, or leaving dogs unattended.

The dog run is expected to be finished by April 2022.

“Devoe Park’s new dog run will have separate areas for large and small dogs, making it safer for people’s pets,” Cabrera stated.  “I’m looking forward to the completion of this new asset in our community.”

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