BX Express debuts on BronxNet’s Optimum Ch.67 and 33 on Fios

Alex Mitchell hosting the ‘BX Express.’
Photo courtesy of the BX Express

Stand clear of the closing doors! BronxNet’s newest, premiere news program is coming and it’s called the ‘BX Express.’

The Bronx Times Reporter and BronxNet have created a one-of-kind, collaborative news show hosted by the one and only Alex Mitchell, airing Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. on Optimum Channel 67 and 33 on Fios. It’s more than just a news program, though.

The BX Express is going to be covering everything that’s going on in this elaborate borough that has over one million passionate Bronxites out and about.

We’ll be covering food, music, sports, real estate, rising talent along with everything else that gives the Bronx its X factor.

The show will break down the studio walls and get out and about all around the borough and we want you to be involved.

Tell us what ideas you’ve got, let us know what’s going on around you and we can make it happen; this is a show for the borough done by the borough!

It’s all possible through our incredible staff at the Bronx Times Reporter, the wonderful crew at BronxNet and the Schneps Media broadcasting division. Of course, we can’t overlook the role Platinum producer Amadeus played, by kindly whipping up our theme song in a heartbeat.

While we can’t give away too many secrets we will say this, our first guest needs no introduction as he or she has been a staple of Bronx culture for years now, and has a few big projects coming up as well.

Get ready because the BX Express is going to be more electric than the third rail!

Artwork for the newest BronxNet show, The BX Express.
The BX Express

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