The Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers Safely

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Trending on Instagram and having a significant presence on such a notable social media platform are incredibly important. Whether you are running a business, promoting yourself as a job seeker, or hoping to launch a career as an influencer, you must have a social media presence to stand out among the crowd.

Gaining a large following on Instagram organically is riddled with challenges. Not only must you take excellent photographs and videos, but you need a significant devotion to being on social media. Achieving hundreds of thousands of followers on your account requires constant posting, following other accounts, liking pictures and comments, and engaging with your audience.

While you can take a few of the above steps to improve your social media presence, buying Instagram followers is another great option. When you buy Instagram followers, you skip several steps and gain a large following on the platform.

The problem is that buying followers is not always safe, as you could end up buying a lot of bots that will disappear after a few weeks and potentially tarnish the reputation of your account.

Below is a guide that explains why you should buy Instagram followers, and goes into detail about the two best websites to purchase followers online.

Why Buy Instagram Followers?

The reasons to buy Instagram followers are relatively simple. If you decide that Instagram is the best site for you to raise your profile online, then you need a lot of active followers to see your photos, videos, and text posts.

Only when you get a lot of real people as new followers can you ensure that your Instagram presence is proving to be worthwhile on a professional level. Having so many active followers ensures that each time you post about something related to your business or influencer brand, you are getting a lot of views from your target audience.

Those views can turn into purchases, if the people following your account have an interest in what you have to offer. Rather than spending weeks and months trying to get more Instagram users to follow your account, you can bump up your follower count from 1,000 to 100,000 in a few days.

Even if you are social media savvy and take great photos, you may not have enough time to build up an audience organically. People spend hours a day posting on Instagram to get 20,000 or 30,000 followers. If you are running a business or taking courses, you cannot devote that much time to social media.

There is no need to obsess over hashtags and posting 10 different photos a day, when you can buy followers from reputable sites such as the two listed below.

1. Twicsy

Twicsy is one of the safest platforms in the world to buy Instagram followers for your account. If you want to raise your profile on social media and avoid bots as new followers, you have come to the right place. Indeed, it’s hard to find someone who has bought from Twicsy and has not had a positive experience. That’s why they’ve been featured in the likes of Men’s Journal, USMag, Marinji and Atlanta Mag.

All you need to do is sign up for a free account, enter the details of your Instagram account, choose the package of premium or high-quality followers you want, and checkout. The process takes a few minutes, and the first delivery of followers happens in minutes as well.

The advantage of using a platform like Twicsy is that you can get a large number of followers and Instagram likes for a low price, without worrying about them being fake or bots. Twicsy also has a very helpful customer support team, who are ready to help you if anything goes wrong in your quest to buy real Instagram followers.

The price for genuine followers on Twicsy starts at roughly $3 for 100, $5.50 for 250, $8 for 500, $13 for 1000, and $29 for 2500 followers. You can also choose premium followers, if you are willing to pay a little extra. With premium followers, you get real users who are within your target demographic.

There is no better place to get legitimate yet cheap Instagram followers than Twicsy. The site offers a very fast delivery time, while you can also ask for the active Instagram followers to be delivered to your account over time to avoid suspicion of buying followers.

Aside from followers, you can also buy Instagram likes and Instagram views using Twicsy. The platform does allow you to bundle all three, but you may have to connect with their support team for exact pricing.

Likes start at 50 for $1.5, 100 for $3, 250 for $5.5, 500 for $8, and 1000 for $13. You can also choose to buy in much higher quantities if you want to enjoy the platform’s best discounts.

One of the best platforms for Instagram services, Twicsy promises instant delivery, the option to split likes on multiple pictures, video views, real likes from real users, no password requirement, and 24/7 support.

2. Buzzoid

Another outstanding option for buying Instagram followers, Buzzoid is one of the most reputable providers of social media services today. You can be 100 percent sure that you are not getting bot accounts when you buy on Buzzoid.

The platform offers Instagram followers, Instagram likes, and Instagram views. You only have to look at the customer reviews of Buzzoid to know the platform is the real deal. If you are regularly making Instagram posts about your business or influencer profile, or posting Instagram stories, you can increase your view counts thanks to Buzzoid.

Buzzoid is a safe place to buy IG followers, likes, and views. If you are producing quality content on your account, but want to get a lot more followers from your target demographics, buying premium followers from Buzzoid is the way to go. The prices are very affordable, the platform promises quick delivery, and the bought followers are all authentic and legitimate users.

Pricing on Buzzoid starts at $5 for 25 high-quality followers, $7 for 500 followers, $13 for 1000 followers, and $30 for 2,500 followers. You can also go with premium followers for a higher price. If you are serious about Instagram growth, then premium IG followers are very valuable.

Payment options on Buzzoid include PayPal and other payment platforms. You can use your credit card if you wish. The platform promises organic followers on every transaction, which eliminates the risk of paying for fake accounts or bot Insta followers.

If you want to get your photos and videos trending, which will elevate your Instagram profile, then buying Instagram views and likes from Buzzoid is a terrific option. You can get views for photos, videos, and stories, and they can all be on your Instagram profile and posts within minutes.

Risks of Buying Instagram Followers

Many people are not familiar with the ins and outs of buying Instagram followers when they try to boost their social profiles for the first time. You may assume that buying followers for Instagram or TikTok on any website is safe, but that is not the case.

Disreputable websites do not assist your social media marketing strategy. As you are not buying quality Instagram followers, you end up with far too many bots from those extremely low-priced follower packages. These fake Instagram followers are not helpful, as they will likely disappear from your account within a few weeks.

Bots and fake followers also lower your engagement rate, as you are not getting any new views on your latest posts. When the bots eventually unfollow your account, you are left in the same spot as before. There is also a concern about the integrity of your account, as the Instagram algorithm may take action against anyone who is breaching the platform’s terms of service.

By using sites such as Twicsy and Buzzoid, you eliminate those risks from this process. Sign up for an account, choose the package you desire, click on fast delivery, decide on a payment method, click checkout, and watch as your Instagram account goes to another level.

Elevating your presence on social media has never been easier. You could spend a modest sum each month to boost your account’s follower count, get likes on your photos, and increase the view count on your videos.

Make the Most of Instagram

The beauty of a platform such as Instagram is that it can give you the social proof you seek. When you purchase premium followers through a site like Twicsy or Buzzoid, you increase brand awareness and get a lot more people to check out your explore page.

Through the quality services offered by such reputable websites, you can make the most of your Instagram profile. Use these Instagram services and purchased followers to build a large following, promote yourself or your business, and achieve your professional goals.

Think of spending money on Instagram followers, likes, and views as part of your marketing budget. You are promoting your business or personal brand, and there is no better place for promotion in the modern economy than social media.