BronxNet teaches St. Catharine students t.v. production

BronxNet is training six St. Catharine Academy students in the fundamentals of television production while creating a 10-minute film about their school’s history as a Catholic institution of learning.

Over eight weeks, five sophomores and a junior at the all-girls Catholic high school at 2250 Williamsbridge Road, have worked on pre-production on a television segment that will air on BronxNet’s OPEN 2.0, a magazine program for teenagers.

The segment deals with how the nearly 100-year history of the school and its continuing role in educating young women in the tradition of the educational values of the Sisters of Mercy.

Filming took place on Wednesday, November 17 and Thursday, November 18.

The filming, which includes pre-production tasks like writing questions for teachers, administrators, and students being interviewed, as well as learning to use the camera, sound equipment and lighting is part of BronxNet’s Training Program for Future Media Professionals.

St. Catharine Academy principal Sister Ann Welch said that she believes this is the first time that a Catholic high school has taken part in the BronxNet program.

“Because it is in the communication arts, it gives students first hand experience into what goes into a production like a television program,” Welch said.

“I think they learn a tremendous amount in the area of communication. It gives the students an experience outside of pen and pencil testing.”

Welch said that an alumna of the school, presently working at BronxNet, was in contact with the school’s president Sister Patricia Wolf.

Welch said that the school was grateful that BronxNet is lending their expertise.

BronxNet’s Selim Cayligil is working with St. Catharine sophomores Mariellina Perez, Oluwayomi Adeninyi, Janelle Pascual, Kiana Mannon, Jenil Rosairo, and junior Stacia Suttles.

“This script is the story of the school, and includes history and background because it has been in existence for almost 100 years,” Cayligil said.

“With a school like St. Catharine, you are telling the story of a school that has grown with the community here in the Bronx.”

Cayligil said he was impressed on how fast the girls picked up the fundamentals of television production.

“I am interviewing the assistant principal and two freshman about what it feels like attending an all-girls, Catholic high school, and how the expectations are different when you are attending a co-ed school,” Perez said. “I especially like my role as an interviewer.”

BronxNet executive director Michael Max Knobbe said he is proud to partner with St. Catharine Academy.

He praised the work of youth media coordinator Marisa Massimino White, who first brought the school to his attention.

“Our partnership with St. Catherine is terrific as the students are learning and producing media at BronxNet’s studios for the program OPEN 2.0, Knobee said.

“We’re providing training and media access to high school students across the borough so our youth have a voice on their BronxNet channels, including channel 37 on Verizon FiOS.”

BronxNet airs on Cablevision channels 67 through 70 and Verizon FiOS channels 34 through 38.

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