Bronxites create and star in short film ‘Da Bronx Tale’

Bronxites create and star in short film ‘Da Bronx Tale’
The crew films a scene in Longwood featuring actors Pellecier (c) and Castro (r).
Photo courtesy of Everette Hamlette

A Bronx-based short film made by and starring Bronxites has quite a tale to tell.

Longwood documentarian Everette Hamlette, Stylish Ev Productions founder and CEO, said that his friend Steven Pellecier, who portrays the film’s lead character Rico, inspired them to create a contemporary urban take on the classic 1993 crime/drama ‘A Bronx Tale,’ directed by Robert De Niro.

‘Da Bronx Tale,’ directed by Michael Thrower, chronicles Rico’s journey into manhood on the streets of the Boogie Down Bronx set to the backdrop of the socially turbulent year of 2019.

Thrower, a Morrisania resident, is also the founder of his company, Sir Tree Productions.

With the exception of New Jersey actress Courtney Silveira-Freeman, Da Bronx Tale’s entire cast is from the borough.

They include Steven Pellecier originally from Longwood now residing in Pelham Parkway, Andres Castro from Marble Hill, Sherlene Campos from Morrisania, Jakub Rodriguez from Highbridge, Lyniese Pellecier from Bedford Park and Evelyn Santana from Pelham Parkway.

In the film, Rico is mentored by Mike, portrayed by Rodriguez, in the ways of being a gentleman which conflicts with his hood lifestyle friend Ghost, played by Castro.

When Rico falls for a young African American lady named Myesah, portrayed by Pellecier’s wife Lyniese, the repercussions threaten to destroy his reputation.

The film’s soundtrack features music composed by local artists 1stBORN Sheldon Smalls, Mowix, DJ Shortwiz, Ghost.Writer and Xiolynn.

Da Bronx Tale was filmed in 12 hours on Saturday, March 23 starting at 7 a.m.

The fast paced project was shot on location at Longwood and Longfellow avenues and in front of the Pelham Parkway Houses.

“The actors were freezing and they had just learned their lines that same morning, but you wouldn’t realize that from watching their performances,” Thrower explained.

Hamlette created an extensively detailed shot list to help them match the classic film’s scenes and tone.

Hamlette and Thrower watched A Bronx Tale and their remake side-by-side to make sure the two films synced perfectly.

The nearly 12 minute film was edited on Thursday, March 28 and was screened before 30 people on Friday, March 29.

Da Bronx Tale was officially released on YouTube on Monday, April 1 and currently has 481 views.

“I felt like Denzel or Leonardo being a part of this movie,” expressed Steven Pellecier.

Da Bronx Tale marks the former stage actor’s first on camera performance.

Pellecier expressed interest in continuing his film career.

Founded in 2018, Stylish Ev Productions has collaborated with several big name companies including The David Rockefeller Fund, Coca-Cola, Nike, New Yorkers for Parks, Black Comic Con, New York Restoration Project and The Apollo Theater.

The company also filmed the documentary, ‘75 Park: 1 of the 35,’ which examines the importance the park has had on the Longwood community over generations.

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