Bronx Zoo Missing Snake Recovered

The Egyptian cobra from the Bronx Zoo may no longer be free, but it’s still tweeting.

“Anyone else got a case of the Mondays?” @BronxZoosCobra tweeted on April 1, less than 24 hours after the real snake was caught. “I do. It’s a plexiglass case enclosure in the Reptile House.”

The escapades of the loose cobra in the zoo came to an end on Sunday, March 31 when zoo officials announced that they had caught it.

As expected, the cobra was found inside the zoo’s Reptile House, which had been closed for the entire seven days that the snake was missing. It was coiled in a corner in a non-public area of the Reptile House that contained many of the

The snake is less than a year old and weighs about three ounces. Zoo officials said they planned to keep the snake under observation for the immediate future.

Once they are confident the snake is in fine shape, they will put it back in its habitat and reopen the Reptile House.

“As you can imagine, we are delighted to report that the snake has been found alive and well,” Jim Breheny, director of the Bronx Zoo, said in a statement.“

Should anyone have actually been bitten by the venomous cobra, they wouldn’t have had to travel very far for treatment. Jacobi Medical Center, less than two miles from the Bronx Zoo, is home to the region’s only snakebite treatment center. The hospital was notified as soon as the cobra was captured.

“It was not really high alert, but they did call to make sure I was going to be in town,” said Dr. Michael Touger, director of the snakebite center.

Jacobi dealt with a snake bite in February from a similar cobra that bit a man from Patterson, New Jersey. The man survived the bite.

The Jacobi center was opened in 1980 because of its proximity to the Bronx Zoo. The next closest snakebite center is in Philadelphia.

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