Bronx Times teams up with ‘It’s The Bronx’ culture fest

Bronx Times teams up with ‘It’s The Bronx’ culture fest|Bronx Times teams up with ‘It’s The Bronx’ culture fest|Bronx Times teams up with ‘It’s The Bronx’ culture fest|Bronx Times teams up with ‘It’s The Bronx’ culture fest
‘Everyday Hustle Hoppy Lager’ from the Up And Comers line.
Bronx Brewery

The best collaboration in Bronx history just got even better. The Bronx Times is officially a media partner for ‘It’s The Bronx,’ an upcoming, dynamic event series that will showcase the Bronx’s greatest talents in the realms of culture, music, art, food, and so much more.

Designed by Round 7, a Bronx exclusive media company founded by Marco Shalma, ‘It’s The Bronx’ will provide a spotlight for Bronxites who want to showcase their own creative crafts in front of a live audience with a chance to win career-changing packages in their respective fields, such as pro-recording studio time, distribution deals, solo shows, public relations packages and mentorships.

It begins on Saturday, January 26 and will continue to run on the last Saturday of each month.

The venue, Union Crossing at 825 E.141st Street is just as electric as the events will be.

‘It’s The Bronx’ artwork.
Courtesy of Round 7

This seven story, renovated and repurposed building that drivers gawk at from the elevated section of the Bruckner Expressway is looking to acquire creative and unique clients, very much like ‘It’s The Bronx.’

“The Union Crossing is so symbolic of It’s The Bronx,” Shalma said. “Repurposing and rising up from what once was, that’s what it’s about,” the creator added.

The Bronx Brewery is sponsoring the music element of It’s The Bronx, providing a sound system that will rock Union Crossing to its core while debuting one of its newest craft beers on the ‘Up and Comers’ line called ‘Everyday Hustle.’

Since it’s 2011 inception, the Bronx Brewery has been on the cutting edge of ales, IPA’s, stouts and just about any beer imaginable. Keeping with the theme of an ever changing and repurposing Bronx, the brewery recruited Kingsbridge native and legendary NY Yankees muralist Andre Trenier to design cans and turn the 856 E. 136th Street taste room and backyard into his own personal canvas.

Rendering of Union Crossing space where It’s The Bronx is being held.
File Photo

Bronx Times reporter Alex Mitchell will join BronxNet television station, BronxNet talk show host Gary Axelbank and his site, and Edible Bronx in the major media panel that now has the privilege to scout, coach, and mentor the Bronx’s best and most talented.

The inaugural, free ‘It’s The Bronx’ show, sold out in the first few hours after being publicized.

“This is something you can only do in the Bronx,” Shalma said. “This is the greatest collaboration in Bronx history,” he proudly boasted.

To get on the waitlist for the inaugural or future It’s The Bronx shows, go to

Alex Mitchell
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