Bronx River trash clean up event

To commemorate Earth Day, the Bronx River Alliance and Westchester Community Foundation participated last week in a Bronx River trash clean-out on the Bronx side of the Bronx/Westchester border.

Since the summer of 2016, Bronx River Alliance volunteers have been assessing floatable trash that is collected from capture points called “booms” at different points in the Bronx River through Project WASTE (Waterway And Street Trash Elimination). The Westchester Community Foundation, which works to improve the quality of life in Westchester County through responsible philanthropy, has provided grants each year for the last few years to the Alliance to help support their clean-up and watershed management efforts, including Project WASTE.

It is estimated that about 70 % of trash in the river originates in Westchester County and over the last four or five years, more than 200,000 pieces of floatable trash have been analyzed and removed.