Bronx pool parlor, Cue Lounge, renovated for 50th

The Cue Lounge on East Gun Hill Road has been serving up family fun for the past 50 years.

An institution on E. Gun Hill Road is celebrating its 50th Anniversary, filling a void for families looking for group activities that all their members, young and old, can enjoy as a whole.

The Cue Lounge, a pool parlor located at 1107 E. Gun Hill Road between Boston Road and Laconia Avenue, has entertained three generation of families and has many loyal customers that have been coming to the venue for years.

Recently, the entire pool parlor was renovated and just won an award for best reconstruction of a pool parlor in the country by Pool & Billiard Magazine.

“We have three generations, and I believe at one-time, four generations, coming to play,” said Joe Parzanese, the managing partner of the Cue Lounge. “It is difficult to find a business in nearby that has been around for 50 years. This pool hall has a nice vibe to it.”

Parzanese said that the pool hall is on a vendors list with the Department of Education, and has hosted several schools, teaching young people the fundamentals of a sport that they can practice on their own or with their peers and friends.

“We have already hosted two school sponsored events,” Parzanese said. “It is a sport that you can work on individually or as a group. It is a learning experience. If you miss a shot, you have to look at why you missed it and do better next time.”

Parzanese runs the business and its day-to-day operations, along with a less visible but ever important partner, Al Weisberg. Weisberg was the second owner of the hall, and has been in the business for almost 20 years. Parzanese has been part of the organization for the past few years, and also owns a stake in the hall.

“Pool is now an Olympic sport,” Parzanese said, explaining the universal appeal of the game. “We are also forming a Bronx league that we hope will bring in players from other parts of the borough.”

Parzanese said that his customer base comes from far and wide. Recently, for example, he hosted a group of pool players from City Island, and draws from the immediate vicinity of the pool parlor, as well as other areas.

The business remains a rarity in the Bronx, as it is now a nationally recognized place where pool enthusiasts can play the game.

“With today’s economy, we are still giving families an affordable and safe play to learn and enjoy a sport which enhances their individual and team spirit,” Parzanese said.

For more information, contact the Cue Lounge at (718) 547-4800.


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