Op-Ed | A low-carbon heating fuel you can use in equipment you already have

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Bioheat fuel is the lower-carbon version of home heating oil that has been delivered in the five boroughs of New York City and Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties for some time now. It’s a tried-and-true innovation that produces fewer emissions and reduces carbon output in our environment, which is friendlier toward the Earth and future generations to come.

The best part of the Bioheat fuel movement

One incredible benefit of Bioheat fuel is the fact that it is compatible with traditional liquid heating fuel equipment. That is right — your current oil furnace, boiler or water heater will function better with Bioheat fuel. This makes it an affordable solution to renewable home heating, especially as Bioheat fuel continually lowers its carbon content over time.

Other benefits of Bioheat fuel

Lack of required conversion is not the only great news about Bioheat fuel. Here are some other top perks and benefits that greater NYC homeowners and business owners can’t get enough of:

  • Costs the same as traditional heating oil
  • Widely available across the state and the region
  • Supported by federal tax credits and state rebates
  • More efficient burn, often extending equipment lifespan
  • Shrinkage of your family’s carbon footprint

If that was not enough, know that equipment manufacturers are on board with the eco-friendly movement and are working hard day in and day out to create equipment that will work seamlessly with Bioheat fuel for years to come. Bioheat fuel is produced by blending traditional heating oil with renewable biodiesel. Biodiesel is made from agricultural byproducts, like soybean husks and inedible corn oil, which would otherwise go to waste. This biodiesel is the key component that makes Bioheat fuel produce fewer emissions than traditional heating fuel. As Bioheat fuel is blended with higher amounts of biodiesel in the future, it will produce even fewer emissions, and that is what equipment manufacturers are considering when designing new heating equipment. 

Learn more about Bioheat fuel and its benefits by visiting NYSECNow.com, which is full of helpful information and resources for NYC area residents. You are guaranteed to discover something new as you browse the website.

Rocco Lacertosa is the chief executive officer of the New York State Energy Coalition. 

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