Bronx once again snubbed by 5 Boro Bike Tour organizers

Daloia at the 2018 5 Boro Bike Tour.
Photo courtesy of Kevin Daloia

If you’ve driven around the city over the past few days, you’ve likely seen traffic advisories for the Five Boro Bike Tour scheduled for Sunday, May 5.

Of course, if you’re in the Bronx there isn’t much to worry about since only a sliver of the route touches the borough, 400 yards to be exact.

The forty-mile tour, which spans each of the city’s five boroughs delves into the Bronx between the Madison and Third Avenue bridges, the shortest distance of any of the boroughs.

“These roads were not made for bike size tires, they were made for car tires,” said avid Bronx cyclist Kevin Daloia, whose ridden in three previous Five Boro Bike Tours.

“So, all these good bikers, who are out for a new cycling adventure, will not see the good Bronx, but a short and unsafe roadway,” he continued.

Daloia suggests that in the future the route should incorporate the Willis Avenue Bridge and Randall’s Island through its Bronx connector, which starts at East 132nd Street in Port Morris, returning to Manhattan Island and its FDR Drive route through the Ward’s Island Bridge on 103rd Street.

“A route like that would incorporate much more of the borough, a part that cyclists would probably enjoy and could ride safer,” Daloia said.

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