Bronx of the best places for senior living: study

The Bronx is one of the best places for seniors to live in America, a new study indicates.

A report from ranks the borough 11th best out of 302 nationwide cities and the fourth best place for elders to live in New York state.

Seniors make up 12.3 percent of the Bronx population and the borough also has five dedicated senior centers done by BronxWorks scattered throughout the borough that accommodate a wide range of needs, from exercise and nutrition classes to computer training and health services for the 65-years and older population, the study shows.

“Seniors can seek out additional resources and financial assistance from the abundant national, state and regional senior-specific, nonprofit organizations with chapters in the area,” the study indicated.

It also noted the significant transit options for seniors in the Bronx as well.

“Seniors can also enjoy being in close proximity to an extensive public transportation network that offers a reduced fare for retirees,” the study reported.

The Bronx comes in at second in the nation for transportation access for seniors, just behind Brookhaven on Long Island, too.

The cities were graded using 70 metrics across six categories: senior housing, engagement, affordability, quality of life, health care and transportation.

The Bronx soars above the national average in senior multifamily home access as well as availability of subsidized housing.

The borough trails the American average of zero step entrances and housing cost burden, while it also averages out on age diversity, according to the study.

As far as senior engagement goes, the Bronx trails in senior voting rates and opportunities for civic engagement.

Senior quality of life thrives in the Bronx. The borough skyrockets above the nation’s average, being the first ranked in categories like: access to grocery stores, parks, jobs by transit, walk trips, and household transportation costs. The Bronx has high numbers for libraries as well.

The Bronx comes in second overall in quality of life categories only behind San Francisco, CA.

Healthcare was a struggling category for the Bronx, though. The borough trails in primary care physicians per 100,000 residents, as well as mental health professionals and dentists too. Patient satisfaction was also below a national average. Citywide, Brooklyn and Queens top out against the Bronx for healthcare categories.

The average cost of living for seniors in the Bronx is $1,225, compared to the $4,000 nationwide average.

Surprising to few, the Bronx put up below average numbers in air quality for senior citizens as well as traffic congestion.

However, the Bronx also has a low crime and car crash rate for seniors and the elderly population also has better water quality than much of the nation.

Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan all surpassed the Bronx in the national overall quality of life, though.

The list also recognized San Francisco, Fredericksburg, VA, Washington, DC, Boston, MA among the top 10 best overall cities with New York’s numbers being broken down by borough with Brooklyn landing at five, Queens at nine, and Manhattan at ten.

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