Bronx nonprofits team up to increase food distribution and protect local jobs

Bronx food layout 4.22.20
Food set to be delivered to the needy
Photo courtesy of RAP4Bronx

Local nonprofits are coming together to help serve the Bronx during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Bronx Community Relief Effort (BxCRE), World Central Kitchen, The Bronx Private Industry Council (The Bronx PIC) Powered by Here to Here, Bronx Community Board 9 and the Relief Access Program for the Bronx (RAP4Bronx) are combining forces to increase food distribution and protect local jobs.

This initiative is dishing out 16,000 meals and hundreds of grocery bags per day throughout the Bronx to more than 61 locations and groups, including emergency shelters, community-based organizations, workers performing essential frontline roles in healthcare and transportation and residents living in public and subsidized housing. The team aims to continue increasing the volume of food handed out to 50,000 meals daily with additional funding.


“Since 2010, World Central Kitchen has been providing fresh meals to people affected by disasters both natural and man-made,” said Nate Mook, CEO World Central Kitchen. “We use the power of food to heal and strengthen communities in times of crisis and beyond, and we know that a plate of food is so much more than just a meal. We believe our work in The Bronx, and across New York City, is a reminder to the community that someone cares about them and that tomorrow will be better.”

The group’s food relief work has four core components:

  • Meal distribution: World Central Kitchen, local restaurants, Bronx-based catering company Great Performances and RAP4Bronx are distributing fresh meals to high-need locations across the borough;
  • Grocery delivery: RAP4Bronx, led by York Studios and in partnership with Bronx Community Board 9, is delivering approximately 3,800 bags of groceries per week to people and sites in need, with the goal of increasing this volume, from a distribution base at Bruckner Commons;
  • Employing Bronx businesses and workers: A network of Bronx restaurants and distributors is preparing and distributing these meals and groceries, keeping many local workers safely employed. York Studios is organizing meal distributions, Great Performances and Baldor Specialty Food are providing food and supplies and meals are prepared by Great Performances and seven Bronx restaurants, including Mott Haven Bar & Grill, Bronx Drafthouse, Bricks & Hops, Beatstro, Hudson Smokehouse, Glenroy’s Tavern, Bronx Tavern and Seis Vecinos. World Central Kitchen is supporting and organizing this effort;
  • Strong partnerships with community-trusted institutions, including local hospitals, housing organizations, college campuses and religious organizations.

“The support from The Bronx business community for the people of the borough in this time of unprecedented hardship has been huge,” said Eddie Summers, executive director of the Bronx Private Industry Council. “This program is serving thousands of meals to Bronx community members, allowing Bronx business employees to get back to work safely, and bringing food and other emergency supplies to people who need them. We look forward to continuing building on this work to bring more meals and supplies to the people of The Bronx.”

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