Bronx man sentenced to 46 months in prison for conspiring to distribute heroin and fentanyl

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A long-term wiretap investigation uncovered a sophisticated network of alleged narcotics traffickers who distributed fentanyl, heroin and cocaine in New York City, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania during COVID-19.
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A Bronx man was sentenced Thursday to 46 months in prison for participating in a conspiracy to distribute heroin and fentanyl from a drug mill in the Bronx to locations in New Jersey.

According to the investigation, Jose Antonio Vasquez Pena, a.k.a “Tono,” 48, was among seven defendants who used an apartment in the Bronx to store, mix and package heroin and fentanyl in distribution quantities. Pena stayed at the apartment in order to safeguard the narcotics and narcotics supplies.

The defendants assisted in preparing the heroin and fentanyl for distribution, which was distributed to customers in New Jersey.

In February 2019, law enforcement searched the apartment and recovered nearly a kilogram of fentanyl from the apartment, along with materials to grind and package fentanyl for distribution.