Bronx man sentenced to 18 years in prison

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A long-term wiretap investigation uncovered a sophisticated network of alleged narcotics traffickers who distributed fentanyl, heroin and cocaine in New York City, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania during COVID-19.
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A Bronx man was sentenced to 18 years in prison last week for killing his cousin in 2011.

The defendant coldheartedly killed his own cousin, shooting and stabbing him multiple times,” said District Attorney Darcel Clark. “Almost a decade has passed since he ended his cousin’s life in such a horrifying way, but we never gave up on getting justice for the victim and his family.

According to the investigation, on the evening of July 3, 2011, the defendant, Alexander Arriola, 40, of 1243 Boynton Avenue, went to the home of Brian Arriola, 31, at 676 St. Mary’s Street and both exchanged words. Arriola shot his cousin in the chest and arm and stabbed him 10 times in the neck, head and torso. He then fled the scene and the victim was discovered dead on the floor by his mother minutes after.

Arriola was arrested July 4, 2011, however the trial was delayed for years because he was found mentally unfit numerous times. He was found fit to proceed and returned to court April 22, 2020 for trial.

On March 4, he plead guilty to firstdegree manslaughter.

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