Bronx man sentenced for traveling to R.I. for sex with a minor

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A Bronx man was sentenced to five years in federal prison Thursday after he allegedly engaged in illicit sexual activity with a minor in Rhode Island.

Caleb Brown a 24-year-old man allegedly befriended then engaged in sexually explicit communications online with a 15-year-old Rhode Island boy, and who then relocated to Rhode Island.

Brown and the teen were discovered by Warwick Police in a baseball field dugout in August 2019, after a concerned citizen reported to police that a male was observed living in the dugout with what appeared to be a child.

After arresting Brown, the 15-year-old told police he met Brown online approximately six months prior and that he had been dating Brown since that time. The youngster told police he had been spending nights outside with Brown, while telling his parents he was staying at a friend’s house.

According to the investigation, officers viewed a steady stream of intimate and sexually explicit text messages between Brown and the boy. The messages also revealed discussions of where the two should meet and sleep and Brown advising the youth with ways to conceal the true nature of their relationship.

Police also discovered twelve videos taken by Brown of him engaged in sexual contact with the victim.

His five years in federal prison will be followed by eight years of supervised release.

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