Bronx Man disrupts 2010 ALCS ballgame

A Woodlawn man who was apparently seeking publicity for his self-published book created a ruckus during the Yankee game by charging the field in a mad bolt toward A-Rod during the ALCS.

Grim LeRogue, 33, who changed his name from Joe Rogan, barged onto the field during the top of the fifth inning of Game 3 of the Yankees and Rangers face-off during the American League Championship Series at Yankee Stadium on Monday, October 18. He was tackled by three police officers, whom he assaulted before being subdued. According to published reports, he was headed towards Alex Rodriguez with a photograph of the baseball star with a large X on his face, as well as pictures of Cameron Diaz, whom A-Rod has dated.

LeRouge, who has since claimed in published reports it was all a prank to draw attention to 700-page book he has written, also carried a picture of Diaz with the inscription “we will be together soon.”

LeRouge was also carrying a picture of Osama Bin Laden and with the inscription “I will serve you,” as well as pictures of Whitney Houston and her ex-husband Bobby Brown.

Police said that he has been charged with assault and interfering with a sporting event. LeRogue, who is currently at Bellevue Hospital, has yet to be arraigned as of press time. The man’s mother, Cathy Rogan, who according to published reports believed her son was trying to promote a self-published book to be released next month, declined comment when called.

In what may be a related matter, Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.’s office and local newspapers including the Bronx Times received letters on Wednesday, October 20 from a person who signed his name the “The Uncle of Sam,” in an apparent nod to the Son of Sam. It is believed that LeRougue or somone impersonating him may be the author of these letters. The letter blamed blacks, Jews, and Hispanics for creating “a race of sex-crazed, materialistic savages.” The author of the letter also claims to be an Al-Qaeda operative, like LeRogue.

“I probably won’t even do a year in jail for telling the world I’m in Al-Qaeda, sent to America to kill Bobby Brown and seduce Whitney Houston his sex slave,” the letter reads. “That is my mission … yes, I am a secret Muslim Agent.”

According to police sources, he may face additional charges by the Bronx Districts Attorney’s office. The letter bore no other signature. It is not clear as of press time if the typed letter is by LeRouge, or someone else seeking publicity.

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