Bronx House gets $1M grant

Bronx House community center on Pelham Parkway South recently received a $1 million grant for building improvements, which will include replacing the front entryway with automatic sliding doors.
Photo courtesy of Bronx House

One community center will be getting some much needed upgrades thanks to a local official.

Bronx House in Pelham Parkway was recently awarded a $1 million grant from Councilman Jimmy Vacca for building improvements.

The improvements, including a new boiler and roof upgrades, are important to ensuring the longevity of the center, said Bronx House chief operating officer Lydia Lucas.

“This grant is essential in making sure we’re here to stay,” she said.

Bronx House has a wide variety of programing including a fitness center and classes, a performing arts school, and an aquatics program, said Lucas.

It also has a senior center, teen programs, and Universal Pre-K, and this year is adding three new after-school programs in the M.S. 135 building in Allerton.

“It’s really a busy place,” she said.

One of the more noticeable changes to the center will be the entryway, said Lucas, which will be converted to automatic sliding doors, helping members including seniors and parents with strollers.

The locker rooms and restrooms will also be improved, said Lucas.

These renovation projects will contribute to the center’s ability to offer the highest quality of services as well as the long-term existence of the year-round programs.

“It’s integral to our ability to serve the community,” said Lucas. “If our building is not dependable we can’t be dependable.”

Lucas said she was elated to hear about the grant that will allow for the renovations.

“This is something we’re so grateful to Councilman Vacca for,” said Lucas. “He’s continually there for us.”

“Bronx House is a vital part of my district, providing services to 1,500 Bronxites a day ranging from pre-kindergartners to seniors,” said Vacca. “This project is long overdue, and I am proud to be able to put Bronx House over the top and allow them to make these necessary improvements.”

The improvements project is still in the beginning stages of being contracted out, but Lucas said she hopes that renovations will start in the next year.

“We’re so excited to get started,” she said.

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