Bronx House delivers food to seniors in need during shutdown

BH Food Delivery
Food being delivered to seniors by Bronx House
Courtesy of Bronx House

While the Bronx House is closed, it has been helping seniors to get through the COVID-19 pandemic. In the past month, it has served more than 1,000 meals every week during the pandemic.

Since the closing of Bronx House Community Center and its Weinberg Neighborhood Senior Center due to the coronavirus, there has been a need to provide food to their senior members, who had previously relied on free daily lunches provided by the center.

Food being delivered to seniors by Bronx House

“The pandemic has hurt a lot of people, especially our senior population, who would come to our center five days a week for nutritious meals,” said Amiee Abusch, chief operating officer for Bronx House.

In response to food insecurity among its senior members, Bronx House was able to secure funding through New York Community Trust, which allows them to provide meals to 50 to 60 seniors in need of food. These meals include five nutritious entrees, consisting of five fruits, a quart of milk, cheese sticks and a loaf of bread.

Additionally, Bronx House receives approximately 400 to 500 kosher meals a week that are being distributed to an additional 70 seniors thanks to Senator Alessandra Biaggi and Rethink Food NYC. Rethink Food NYC is a nonprofit organization that utilizes food excess from restaurants, grocery stores and corporate kitchens to create new and nutritious meals for those in need.

“Shutdowns and social distancing have knocked people off their feet, and we need to be there help them survive,” Abusch said.

Thanks to additional funding from United Jewish Association in the amount of $15,000, as well as a $7,500 grant from Capital One, Bronx House will be able to keep providing food to more seniors.

Food that was delivered to seniors by Bronx House Courtesy of Bronx House

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