Bronx Documentary Center to hold first in person exhibition since COVID-19

Allie after being arrested for giving a friend pseudoephedrine.
Courtesy of Mark E. Trent

The Bronx Documentary Center will hold its first in person exhibition since COVID-19 on June 5. ‘The Human Cost: America’s Drug Plague, which explores the opioid crisis and America’s drug scourge.

The personal stories told of losing children, families and freedom will provide a compassionate look at a how drugs have affected people across the nation.

Jamie, 2012.Courtesy of Jeffrey Stockbridge

Last year, America lost 81,000 men, women and children to drug overdoses. Drug related violence has endangered many of the Bronx streets, including Courtlandt Avenue, home to the Bronx Documentary Center.

James Nachtwey, the dean of American conflict photographers, reports with visual journalist and editor, Paul Moakley, from New Hampshire, Ohio, Boston, San Francisco and beyond. Jeffrey Stockbridge documents Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood over the course of six years. Mark Trent follows a tight-knit group of friends in West Virginia through cycles of substance abuse and tragic death. The BDC hopes this exhibition will lead to productive discussions about a deadly American problem.

Dorothy Onikute, 33, a deputy sheriff with the Rio Arriba County sheriff’s office, responding to an overdose call on Feb. 4, on the side of the road in Alcalde, N.M.


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