Bronx District Attorney Clark indicts 26 individuals associated with the Trinitario gang

Clark indicts 26 current or former Trinitario gang members
Courtesy of Bronx DA office

District Attorney Darcel Clark laid the smack down last week as she indicted 26 current or former Trinitario gang members for multiple slashings and other acts of violence while at Rikers Island.

The 69-count indictment includes five counts of attempted gang assault in the first degree, 14 counts of attempted assault in the first degree, 31 counts of second-degree assault, two counts of attempted assault in the second degree, fourth and fifth-degree conspiracy, 16 counts of third-degree assault and attempted assault in the third degree.

Twelve defendants, six of them who are inmates in Rikers Island and six who had previously been discharged from custody, were arraigned this week and due back in court on July 9. Four defendants have not been apprehended as of yet and the remaining 10 will be produced from state and federal custody for arraignment.

“During their time in Rikers Island, these defendants allegedly conspired and engaged in numerous slashings and stabbings that caused grievous wounds,” Clark said. “They allegedly carried out these attacks in order to preserve and protect the power of the Trinitario gang, meting out punishment to their own members as well as rivals. We will not tolerate such brutality against incarcerated individuals and will hold people accountable even after they have left jail. We will continue to attack the pipeline of violence from Rikers Island to the streets.”

According to the investigation, dubbed “Operation Green Fury” for the gang’s color, the defendants allegedly carried out a total of 14 violent acts in the jail between September 2015 and July 2019. Half of those incidents were against rival gang members and half against fellow Trinitarios, who broke rules of the gang and were not in good standing.

Out of the 14 incidents, 12 were slashings and stabbings. Some victims suffered deep lacerations, and one lost a vast amount of blood. The defendants allegedly conspired through various forms of communication, including phone calls and letters and by using coded language.

“We will not tolerate violence in city jails, and are doing everything possible to bring those responsible to justice,” said DOC Commissioner Cynthia Brann. “The safety and security of the people who live and work in our facilities is our top priority. Our Correction Intelligence Bureau works tirelessly to increase safety in city jails, and we are proud of their hard work in this case, which involved collaboration with fellow law enforcement partners citywide.”

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