Bronx Checkers franchisee of the year joined because of the fries

Bronx Checkers franchisee of the year joined because of the fries|Bronx Checkers franchisee of the year joined because of the fries
Courtesy of Vijay Ghei|Courtesy of Vijay Ghei

The Bronx is officially home to the most successful Checkers franchise of 2019.

The fast food chain announced that franchisee Vijay Ghei’s four locations in the south and west Bronx were some of the best in all of its over 900 locations nationwide.

Ghei, who hails from Westchester and previously Queens started his career in electronics, selling phones and other tech paraphernalia for 30 years before jumping the board and joining Checkers in 2009.

“Honestly I joined because of Checkers’ fries,” Ghei laughed over, saying that his admiration for the chain’s famous season fries actually played a role in convincing him to open his first location at 379 E. Fordham Road.

Since then, Ghei expanded by opening other locations within five years at 1058 Southern Boulevard in Longwood, 1203 Jerome Avenue in Highbridge, and 711 E. Tremont Avenue in Crotona as well. He employs over 100 residents at his Bronx locations.

“It really has been something exhilarating and exciting,” Ghei said, mentioning how much of the business hingers on being personable.

“Joining has really become one of the best things to ever happen to me,” the franchisee of the year winner added.

Since his time growing Checkers locations, Ghei has also opened a Taco Bell on White Plains Road and also kicked off a Westchester Popeyes expansion in his hometown of Yorktown Heights too.

“Now I just want to keep growing and growing I love so much of this,” he said.

“Plus getting to have more fries is something I certainly look forward to,” Ghei joked.

Another Checkers, located in Bay Plaza, was recently razed to make room for a Shake Shack. Ghei said he was not involved in that franchise, which was partially owned by the mall developer.

Ghei poses with a panda mascot otuside of his Fordham Checkers location.
Courtesy of Vijay Ghei