Bronx Brewery recruits local artists for latest can designs

Bronx Brewery recruits local artists for latest can designs|Bronx Brewery recruits local artists for latest can designs
Some of the Bronx Brewery’s ‘Up and Comers’ line of beer.
Community News Group/ Alex Mitchell

The Bronx Brewery is taking the art of drinking to an entirely new level.

Using cans designed by local Bronx artists, the brewery released a new series of beers called ‘Up and Comers.’

“We believe that you don’t have to sacrifice approachability and balance in a beer just for the sake of innovation. We created the Up & Comers platform to do just that,” the Bronx Brewery announced.

“You can never rest in this city so we craft these small batch brews every for months to help us find our next big hit. In the spirit of the Bronx’s innovators in music and art, we created these custom, one-of-a-kind labels in collaboration with some of the borough’s most talented artists,” the Bronx Brewery added.

One of the beers in the series, ‘Built for This’ is a northeast ‘tough as nails’ IPA designed by Bronx artist Andre Trenier.

Andre isn’t new to collaborating with the Bronx Brewery, though.

He’s already designed their massive backyard mural as well as many other works around the borough.

Some other ‘Up and Comers’ on sale are:

• ‘Well Earned,’ a pilsner with extra hops that add subtle spicy and citrus flavors to jazz up the brew.

Its release was extended due to high demand.

Daniel Hauben designed this can using a oil paint & chalk pastel medium, just as he has capturing Bronx life for decades.

• ‘Where You Stand,’ is a refreshingly sour and cloudy Berliner Weisse brewed with cucumber. Kelly Covington designed this can.

Better known as the well respected ‘Luze FC,’ he’s been a successful graffiti and spray paint artist since the 1980s.

Also on tap is a Bronx Tale-themed ale.

• ‘Now Youse Can’t Leave’ is exactly what it sounds like, a double IPA with a 10.1% ABV.

In addition to a strong buzz, this beer delivers massive fruit hop flavor & aromas balanced by a solid malt character.

Joey ‘Serve’ Vega designed this can after decades as an esteemed graffiti artist in the borough.

The no nonsense ale brewery is already looking for artists to design the next series of Up and Comers in 2019.

Local artists can apply at for their crack at a can.

The Bronx Brewery is subsequently releasing another series of beer called ‘B Track.’

These ales are in collaboration with Baldor Specialty Foods to make one-of-a-kind seasonal crafts.

Two flavors are already out that have Szechuan buttons, citrus, and fennel with many more to pour on the way.

The brewery also anticipates the ‘opening day’ for its taste room and back yard from 3 to 11 p.m. on Saturday, April 21, which kicks off tasting season for the Bronx Brewery.

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